Our Services

For us at Afentoulides Autoservices, as autoservice professionals, customer service quality is a top priority. We offer each client an individual approach and value the reputation of our company.

Our comprehensive solutions for your car include everything from technological inspection and auto painting to car detailing and auto repair. Our team will thoroughly diagnose your car, using modern techniques and equipment.

After the diagnosis, we will select materials and components for your car that meet or exceed your manufacturer’s specifications. Thus, leaving our auto garage, you can be sure of the reliability and durability of the services provided to you.

Oil and Filters
Suspension and Steering
Air Conditioning
Engine Cooling
Fuel System
Aftermarket Upgrades
Oil changes and filter replacements

To keep your vehicle running and prevent contamination, it is recommended to change the oil and filters periodically. Automotive experts advise changing them every 5,000-7,000 kilometers or as per the vehicle’s operating manual. Engine oil helps to eliminate dirt, and filters prevent dirt from entering the car. Otherwise, the vehicle may require costly repairs. We at Afentoulides Autoservices will change the oil and filters in your vehicle in our car garage to ensure that your vehicle ensures you with complete safety and long-term use.

Brake system inspections and repairs

An updated brake system in good condition plays a key role in driving safety. The brake system includes brake fluid, calipers, rotors, brake pads. Contacting car repair services to replace and inspect all of these components will help keep your brake system in top condition. Our autoservice center is here to help you bleed brake fluid, replace worn components or repair them.

Engine diagnostics and tune-ups

If you see that your engine is not starting the first time, the “check engine” light is on, oil consumption has increased, you need to contact a car garage to check and tune up your engine. Checking and tuning up your engine regularly will ensure long engine life and high performance. If you want to diagnose or tune up your engine, our car mechanic company is here to help you. Diagnosis involves identifying and fixing issues such as misfiring or faulty sensors. And tuning up includes replacing ignition wires, spark plugs and other components.

Suspension and steering system repairs

The suspension includes shock absorbers, springs and struts. The steering system includes a steering rack and a power steering pump. They are extremely important components of any car. If the steering or suspension system fails, it can cause irreparable accidents on the road. It is recommended to repair or diagnose the steering and suspension of your car once a year. Contact our car mechanic company for high-quality service in this field.

Transmission replacement and maintenance

The transmission is a system for transmitting power from the engine to the wheels. And of course, regular inspection and repair of the transmission is important for any car owner, otherwise it can lead to transmission failure. The best solution to prevent breakdowns is to check the gearbox every 40,000-60,000 km. As a car repair provider, Afentoulides Autoservices will help you inspect your vehicle’s transmission, change transmission fluid and filters to keep your vehicle running properly.

Air conditioning and heating system diagnosis

In order for you to drive comfortably, keep warm in cold weather and stay chilled in warm seasons, your vehicle’s air conditioning and heating systems need to be in good condition. It is recommended to check the air conditioning and heating systems every year. Our auto service company will help you change filters, top up refrigerants or repair damaged components.

Cooling system repairs and maintenance

The cooling system in a car is designed to cool engine components that get hot while the car is running. It is necessary to maintain a constant fluid temperature and optimize engine performance. Contacting auto repair company to check and repair the cooling system will help you avoid overheating and engine failure. Contact us if your vehicle needs to have its cooling system checked or repaired.

Fuel system repairs and maintenance

The fuel system supplies fuel to the engine. Timely diagnostics at car mechanic centers can save fuel and provide good engine performance. It is recommended to check the fuel system every 30,000 km. If you see that your engine does not start well or does not start at all, fuel consumption has increased, you smell gasoline or diesel fuel in the cabin, the exhaust pipe emits black smoke, the best solution is to check and diagnose your fuel system. Afentoulides Autoservices is here to help you identify the issue and change filters, clean fuel injectors or check fuel lines if necessary.

Detailing, Paint and Body Repairs

In addition to auto repair services, we also provide services such as auto detailing, auto and body repairs, car painting. Auto detailing includes a thorough inspection and treating of your car inside and out, cleaning, polishing components. Car and body repair includes repairing damage such as scratches or dents, repair after an accident and more. If you want to use the auto painting service, we are here to paint the whole body of your car or just part of it and offer sample patterns of your choice.

Aftermarket upgrades

If you want to improve your car, Afentoulides Autoservices is ready to help you. We provide upgrade services for both individual vehicle components and component kits. For example, our auto mechanic specialists can change the engine, exhaust system, suspension or many other components to improve the appearance of your car or its performance.

Other Services

In addition to the above car mechanic services, we provide administrative services. Our administrative services include the following:


Our auto service center will help you find the best insurance coverage for your car. We work with various insurance agencies, providing a wide range of available terms and conditions. Moreover, we are here to help you with the necessary documents so that you can get the right insurance for you quickly and effortlessly.

Road Tax

The road tax for using public roads is mandatory for all vehicle owners. Afentoulides Autoservices will help you with that. Our services include advice and assistance in obtaining road tax, as well as providing all the necessary information about the documents and fees charged to vehicle owners.


Once your vehicle is over four years old, it must be inspected for compliance with the Ministry of Transport (M.O.T.) requirements every two years. Our autoservice center here in Cyprus will advise you on M.O.T. compliance, inspect and check your vehicle. We will also help you prepare and obtain the documents so that you receive the M.O.T certificate.

License Plates

Want a special or unique combination on your number plate? We will help you get the number you want.